Marcia Young Cantarella speaks to KSU students about lifting their voices i

By: Rashad Bishop


Like father, like daughter. As Black History Month has come to an end, the Living Legends Convocation continues with legendary speaker Dr. Marcia Young Cantarella. She is the daughter of KSU’s prestigious scholar, Whitney M Young Jr.

Marcia Cantarella – “Most of us who have been faculty faced students who are silent in class, neither speak, nor answer questions. Maybe giving them homework, maybe they’re afraid of being wrong, maybe just shocked. Your faculty are focused every day on asking questions. That’s the nature of their work. They live in empery. They ask out “why do things work the way they do, why do people do what they do, why is this here and that there, and how do things work?” Those are the basic questions that drives all research and all learning. So if you want to do well in college, you have to learn to speak that language too. You have to not only answer the questions that your professors ask you, but you should be framing some of your own. Speaking their language will help your grades, but also develop a mindset of curiosity and that applies to seeking help along the way. None of us survives alone. The best students use advisors, writing centers, tutoring offices, not the worst students, the best students. In doing that they’re lifting their voice to learn and there is no stigma in that. Far from it being a bad thing, it’s a solid survival skill and it’s going to lead to advancement. You’re going to have at least ten different jobs and it will not be all envision, you have no clue, but what’s going to make the difference in you being able to succeed is to be able to engage in the conversations in the work place. That means you ask questions. You contribute ideas, you help move the needle on projects by showing what you know and how you think. That’s how you’re

going to move the needle on your career. Employers are realizing that the next new things are coming fast and furious. But the people that will make that happen (that will make them profitable), are the ones who ask. So they look for people who come prepared to lift their voices, to ask questions, to engage. Kentucky State has this incredible legacy of people who raise their voices.

You have to lift your voice to save all of us. Obama lifted his voice to speak for all of us and that’s your next challenge.”

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