Letter to the editor: Retool your School

From: Ashley Tarver

Dear editors,

Our university has been in a time of adversity lately. Tensions are high from the search of a new president to simply trying to keep our university open. However each year everyone looks forward to trying to improve our campus with the Retool Your School program. The Retool Your School program gives HBCUs the opportunity to renovate their campus by awarding them grant money sponsored by Home Depot. There are currently 72 HBCUs participating in the program including Kentucky State University. Each school is divided into three clusters based on their campus size. All clusters will have a first, second, and third place winner. The first place winner will receive $50,000, the second place winner will receive $40,000 and the third place winner will receive $30,000. Grant money is being awarded based on student votes. Each school is competing to have the most amount of online votes through social media by using the hashtag KYState_RYS17 on Twitter and Instagram and by voting on the website at http://www.retoolyourschool.com. Tweets and retweets will both be counted as a vote. As we are in a time of hardship this is a great opportunity to bring us together to improve our university. Make sure to use the hashtag KYState_RYS17. For more information contact ashley.tarver@kysu.edu


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