Frankfort’s Stewart Home & School Center


By: Payton Pannell

Letter to the Editor:

Dear Editors,

            Occupying the historic campus of the old Kentucky Military Institute since 1893, in the capital of Frankfort, Kentucky, lying on 800 acres of land is The Stewart Home & School.

The campus not only provides a beautiful setting, but most importantly a dedicated community of education centering students with intellectual disabilities.

Over the decades, students and their families have joined this welcoming environment; a place where everyone is supported and encouraged. The home and school not only focuses on educational aspects of living, but everyday skills, as well as extracurricular activities.

The students are exposed to various supplemental assets to the campus including a newly facilitated gymnasium with exercise equipment, a dance studio, various ponds, and a barn.

When asked about the Stewart Home and School, Sandra Bell,  Director of the facility said, “Our students speak for themselves in describing their experiences and their lives at Stewart Home & School.  You just have to see their faces as they speak. Most with words, some without but all with a very clear message… For over 122 years, Stewart Home & School has relied solely upon our students and their families to fulfill the school’s mission and guide its growth. When you visit, you will see the fruition of their dreams and the new dreams that are dreamed every day.”

The Stewart Home & School is always open to helping hands, and inviting everyone to share the joy the students. For those interested in volunteering, contact Sandra Bell, Director of the Stewart Home & School, the main office is located at 4200 Lawrenceburg Rd Frankfort, Kentucky.


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