Senior Day for KSU football

Senior day is huge at KSU for all sports, It’s a chance for us to honor those student athletes who have been here making history during their athletic and academic years at Kentucky State University. Catch up with Thorobred News on what each senior plans to do after graduation!

By: Silas Greene

Ryan Luckett
Donovan Cecil
Fabian Churchill
Rodriquez Jones
Lavell Clyod
Ora Johnson
Jaylin Johnson

Name: Ryan Luckett

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Position: Cornerback/ Safety

Major: Physical Education

“I plan on trying out for teams at the next level. Also have a speed training program for youth and adults back in Florida. My plan is to give back to the game to the new generation coming up in the future”.

Name: Donovan Cecil

Hometown: Brookville, IN

Position: Defensive Tackle

Major: Criminal Justice

“I plan to either go to the NFL or the WWE”.

Name: Fabian Churchill

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Position: Nickel Back

Major: Exercise Science

“I plan to further my education at Morehouse College”

Name: Roderiquez Jones

Hometown: Newport News, VA

Position: Defensive End

Major: Psychology

“I plan to further my career in football”

Name: Ora Johnson

Hometown: Lexington, Ky

Position: Free Safety

Major: Exercise Science

“I plan to be a coach on the collegiate level”

Name: Lavelle Cloyd

Hometown: Lexington, Ky

Position: Running back

Major: Exercise Science

“After graduation I’ll be back here to finish my last season once everything goes through with my medical hardship”

Name: Jalyin Johnson

Hometown: Huntington, WV

Position: Wide Receiver

Major: Business Marketing

Plans after graduation are undecided


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