Thorobred Spirit Shop is now in Frankfort’s Capital Plaza Hotel

By: Sky Lott

Kentucky State University spreads its Thorobred spirit into the community by expanding the “Winner’s Circle “shop into downtown Frankfort. Community members, Kentucky State faculty, staff and regents all rallied around Dr. M. Christopher Brown, 18th president of Kentucky State University, as he used celebratory scissors to snip the ribbon and officially open the Thorobred Shop. The new spirit shop, located in the lobby of Frankfort’s historical Capital Plaza Hotel is part of Kentucky State’s outreach into the local community and as Dr. Brown put it in his ribbon cutting speech; intentions to “paint Frankfort green and gold”. Local community member and Capital Plaza hotel resident, Ann Peele, stated her excitement saying that “It was about time the university expanded into the community”. In the spirit of expansion, Dr. Brown also took this time to introduce two international faculty who have joined us from communities around the world. Amelia Chen joins the university from Tai Wan through the ALLEX program and teaches elementary Chinese. Janet Fritz, director of the Winner’s Circle spirit shop and new Thorobred shop, hopes that the expansion will “build morale, excitement and awareness “of Kentucky State University. The Thorobred shop will be open and running just in time for the upcoming homecoming festivities. It is located in the front lobby of the Capital Plaza Hotel at 405 Wilkinson Blvd.


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